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Tanisha – Armaan Kissing Photo of Bigg Boss 7 Went Viral on Social Media

Recently a leaked picture of Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee Kissing from Bigg Boss 7 Went Viral on Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Chemistry between these two participant of Bigg Boss is ultimately good. Every day some new news is coming out regarding both of these. Meanwhile, one website has leaked a sensational photo.

Armaan and Tanisha Got Nude in Bigg Boss 7

A website leaked the photo, claiming that Tanisha and Armaan appeared kissing each other in the Big Boss house. The site claims that this is the photo of the night when the rest of the house members were asleep. These kissing photos have been viral after leaked on the internet. Social media is full with discussion about this photo. Even media has captured this sensation.

Tanisha – Armaan Kissing Photo From Bigg Boss 7

Tanisha - Armaan Kissing Photo From Big Boss 7

Tanisha and Armaan Kissing Image From Bigg Boss

Kajol’s sister Tanisha earlier times have been fighting with the family members for defending Arman. Love rumors was common between both but kissing made ​​quite an impact. Well now this is a publicity stunt or something, we do not know enough t the thing we know about the photo is that controversial discussions over this Tanisha – Armaan Kissing photo on social media are hot.

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