Smarty Ring will Control your Smartphone

Smarty Ring will Control your Smartphone

Finally an innovative gadget is introduced in tech world to engage you with your phone. Smarty ring have been developed by a company named  ” Smarty ” from Chennai, India. It works on bluetooth technology. Smarty Ring helps you in reading messages and social media updates. You can control music with this ring. It is a waterproof ring that makes sounds if you go 30 feet away from your smartphone. In simple words, it helps you to find your lost phone too. Overall it is the best accessory for your smartphone and it may be the best competitor to smart watches which are getting attention of smartphone users these days.

Smarty Ring

Smarty Ring Features and Price

Smarty Ring provides following features to you:
1. LED touch screen of the Ring will show incoming – outgoing calls, messages, emails and Facebook and Twitter updates.
2. There are music control buttons on the side of ring.
3. Smarty Ring will work 24 Hour and you can charge it with your smartphone too.

Smarty Ring Features and Price

The ring can be used to read Emails. Smarty Ring can be attached with phones which are based on Android or IOS operating systems. To set up Smart ring you’ll need to download an application your phone, after which your phone’s settings such as brightness lid, beeper volume, speed dial and Clock can be adjusted by using Smarty Ring. However price wise, it may sound something heavy to your pockets. Price of smarty ring is Rs. 16,820 while it can be pre-booked online for Rs. 10,700. Company will make smarty ring available in market by April 2014.

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  1. Karthik  Mar 11, 2014 at 2:45 am


    Thanks for your support by writing about our campaign.
    we are upgrading to v2.0 with scrolling display of caller ID and started a
    new campaign, if possible please update the same on your article.
    Link –
    Thanks again
    Marketing Head
    Smarty Ring


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