Gutthi Quitting Comedy Nights with Kapil show?

Gutthi Quitting Comedy Nights with Kapil show?

Update : Kapil Reunites with Sunil Grover ( Gutthi ). Show is going to take place on 22 November for which tickets are getting sold as fast as never sold before. Sunil Grover will play his role in the upcoming show. Still it’s not clear whether it’s just a temporary performance or will continue every week.

Every India must be aware of the bright happy face of Gutthi ( Sunil Grover ) who added stars to the biggest comedy show in India, Comedy Nights with Kapil. Sunil Grover is an actor- comedian plays role of Gutthi ( A Punjabi Girl ) in the show. Kapil’s perfect timing and humor sense and great contribution of Dadi, Bua,Gutthi and Palak made Comedy Nights with Kapil show very popular.

Gutthi’s introduction style and cracking songs have played big role in the success of the show and Sunil Grover is now a recognized face. But their is a leak that Sunil Grover is quitting the show because of some financial issues. “He is very happy that his character of Gutthi was appreciated and loved so much by the Indian and abroad audience. From now Gutthi won’t be part of the show due to prior commitments. There are very less chances that he will return to the show.

Why Gutthi ( Sunil Grover ) left Comedy Nights with Kapil show?

Gutthi Quitting Comedy Nights with Kapil show?

Gutthi Character played by Sunil Grover in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Apparently, Sunil demanded a raise in his pay package for the show which was not acceptable by the makers and that’s why he decided to walk out of it. However, some sources denied such talks and tagged the news with rumor. Producer Kapil Sharma could not be available for talk. No doubt that Kapil has great comic timing and comedy power but Gutthi is also having a great audience and fans. Even official videos of shows are stuffed with appreciation of Sunil Grover who plays character of Gutthi. It may be a great loss to the Comedy Nights with Kapil show whose affect may be seen in upcoming weeks. So far it is the show with highest ratings on Indian T.V.

Someone has created a Facebook Page to support Gutthi ( Sunil Grover ). Amazingly page got 25K+ Likes within hours which shows strong fan following of the character. You can also join the Facebook page ” We Want Gutthi Back “.

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